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*24hr Reservations

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TEL & FAX+81782521113

Enquiries handled by: Cafe Terrasse de Paris (10:30 - 22:00)

Tourist buses and parking lot information

Within 5 minutes walking distance from both restaurants

Kobe Kitano Kobo: Parking lot

  • Less than 60 minutes


  • Up to 90 minutes


  • Up to 120 minutes


  • Up to 150 minutes


  • Up to 180 minutes


  • Up to 210 minutes


  • More than 210 minutes

    ¥6,000 (max.)

Kitano Kobo-no-machi Administration Office

TEL +81782216868


[A]Kitano Kobo-no-machi → [B]Cafe Terrasse de Paris

[A]Kitano Kobo-no-machi → [B]Bistrot Cafe de Paris

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Reservations & Enquiries

*24hr Reservations

Smartphone users tap below to call

TEL & FAX+81782521113

Cafe Terrasse de Paris handles enquiries (10:30 - 22:00)


  • Is there parking available?

    Yes. Both restaurants are located within 5 minutes walking distance of ‘Kobe Kitano Kobo’ where there is a tourist parking lot. Please confirm details by referring to their official website.

  • Where can guests embark and disembark from the bus?

    Buses are not permitted to stop within the Kitano area.
    Please make your way to our restaurant from the parking lot on foot.

  • What is the distance between the restaurant and sightseeing spots (Ijinkan, Chinatown, etc.)?

    Both restaurants are 5 minutes on foot from sightseeing spots in Ijinkan, 15 minutes on foot from Chinatown, or 10 minutes by bus.

  • Is there an elevator?

    Cafe Terrasse de Paris is fitted with an elevator, making it accessible to guests using wheelchairs. Bistrot Cafe de Paris is located on the ground floor so there is no elevator.

  • Do you cater to people with allergies?

    Yes. If you let us know the details of the allergies at least two days in advance we can prepare a meal to cater to your needs.

  • Do you have a kids option?

    Yes. Please reserve at least two days in advance for a kids meal.

  • Do you have a free drinks bar?

    Yes. We offer a drinks bar service for an additional ¥1,500 (120 minutes). Champagne, Draft beer, Wine, & Soft drinks

  • What are the prices of drinks?

    Soft drinks served from ¥600, and alcoholic beverages from ¥650. You can choose from a selection of over 100 drinks.

Reservations & Enquiries

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